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Tiffany Sawyer

God has blessed me with many talents and unique opportunities in my life. my love of photography began as a young girl with a little pink minnie mouse camera and tall flip flashbulbs. my poor parents almost went broke developing my film :)

in my early twenties i was one of those lucky girls to be picked up by a modeling agency in milan, italy. i spent six months living and working throughout europe. being in front of the camera gave me a whole new perspective on the art of photography.

writing is my truest form of expression. as a young girl i kept a secret, locked diary of my most private thoughts and experiences. i picked up journaling along my travels as a way to share all my experiences with those i love most.

incorporating my love of traveling with my love of photography and writing was easy. i hope to give everyone the opportunity to experience the world through my eyes, my words and my passion.

thank you for visiting my portfolio and i hope my passion for love, life and adventure inspire you!

~ Tiffany